What We Do
I'm forever making bits and pieces, or "quelque chose" as I often call them in my Del Boy language. I love scouring junk shops and imagining what the mundane could be other than its primary function. Below are some of my ideas and other ideas that I have seen other people do and worked out how to do myself - share and share alike I say!
If however, you are thinking "this all sounds rather nice, but finding all these bits and pieces takes time and effort and is all bit of a faff" (who actually has old Spirits of Salt or spare yarns of coloured wool in the cupboard anyway)?! Then I have given you three options to choose from, for all of your varying levels of exuberism.
  1. The instructions for each project are on the 'How To' pages for all to see and do. As a guide, I've given each craft project a level of trickiness. Please don't be put off by these levels, if you don't think you're a Craft Pro, have a go anyway and have some fun!
  2. If you really fancy the idea of making something but can't be bothered to get all the bits, you can buy a kit from me with EVERYTHING you need.
  3. If you really haven't the time, or inclination, or courage to go forth and craft, but think they are pretty snazzy pieces then you can pay a little bit extra for yours truly to make it for you. You can pass it off as your own, we won't tell!
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